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How A CMMS Software Works


If you own a manufacturing plant, you need various systems to help you manage your company’s operations, keep track of all your company’s assets and check it’s maintenance records. With the help of a CMMS software, you can achieve this and more. This article will tell you what a CMMS software is and how it works.

What’s A CMMS Software?

CMMS stands for “Computerized Maintenance Management System.” This is a type of software that helps companies manage their maintenance issues. It tracks the status of various items in the company, and provides valuable information to help you stay on top of things.

It can also help you to:

-Find out who has the responsibility for what tasks.

-Make decisions about equipment purchases based on return on investment calculations.

-Know which employees are costing more or less

-Avoid making false assumptions about maintenance departments’ needs

-Identify any shortfalls in staff training requirements for all levels of employee involvement–from supervisors to technicians to janitors

How Does A CMMS Software Work?

The CMMS system is made up of a set of modules. Each module does its own job to help the end users perform their day-to-day tasks efficiently and effectively. Some modules that this software has include:

Work Orders Module

The Work Order Module has two major components, including work order tickets and scheduled maintenance windows. This module identifies an issue or problem that needs attention from somewhere in your facility. That could be something as simple as replacing light bulbs, but can also include more complex issues such as cutting a pipe so it doesn’t leak anymore.

Once you have created the ticket with all relevant information detailed, you can schedule when  the work needs to be completed. Your staff will receive a notification that their ticket request has been received, and they can add any additional comments about the issue for you to see in order to provide more information or clarification.

They also have the option of choosing whether or not they want a call back from the maintenance managers within a certain time frame, so that if it’s something urgent, it gets priority.

The next step would be assigning the specific task with who will complete it- either by selecting an individual employee’s name from your company’s directory list, or adding them through an anonymous contact form on the portal site.  (depending on how much access they require).

Once assigned, each person will get another email which contains details of what they specifically need to do.

Inventory Control Module

This allows the user to track stock levels, and identify inventory that is running low in order to avoid shortages or overages. The inventory control module also  tracks the age of inventory, which helps you avoid using stock that is past its expiration date.

To access this module in a CMMS software, you need to log into the system. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see a list of all your equipment and inventory items that need attention. You can then choose which ones to work on first by entering them into the queue with their priority level assigned.

Summing Up

A CMMS software is an essential tool that any company, big or small, needs to run its operations. It allows businesses to take advantage of real-time data on equipment performance and maintenance needs, and helps in saving time by letting you know when and what type of inspection should take place.

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