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Influencer Marketing is Growing – Is It the Next Big Thing?


You are already familiar with the potential of influencer marketing. Those aware of its benefits have added it to their monthly marketing strategy. Yet some small and medium businesses lag behind their competitors due to non-involvement in influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is the practice of collaborating with influencers across different social channels and promoting your brand/product with their help. It has nowadays become a big trend for businesses to elevate their social presence. Not many know influencer marketing indirectly benefits Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The big question is, does influencer marketing is growing? Is it the next big thing for marketers who look forward to promoting their content across different marketing channels?

Let’s check out some reasons that strengthen the point mentioned above.

Building Trust and Credibility: Trust matters in today’s era, where numerous competitors are presently offering the same item. This creates a mess for first-time buyers to choose from different brands. Trust outranks the competition and makes your brand outshine numerous alternatives.

You introduce yourself as a legit brand by partnering with influencers across different social channels. Moreover, the knowledge shared by the influencer is symbolized as the trusted content that the influencer provided unbiasedly.

FACT: At least 309 million people are using ad blockers on their devices

Buyers no longer believe in sponsored ads as they used years ago. Today they run through research and watch numerous influencers’ videos before decision-making.

Enhance Your Audience Reach: With time, you require influencer marketing that can help you reach new and bigger audiences. A broad audience will bring new opportunities to entertain them with exciting offers. Ultimately this will increase your sales and trust.

According to the study by Tomoson, the most effective influencer marketing platforms are:

  • Blogs – 37%
  • Facebook – 25%
  • Youtube – 6%
  • Instagram — 6%
  • Twitter – 5%
  • Others- 21%

Whether you are marketing your business or product, you will get exposure to a large and wide audience.

Increased Sales: Influencer marketing will do wonders if sales are your marketing objective. Numerous influencer marketers are available globally who can promote your product and deliver high ROI. E.g., Lindsay Detwiler is a USA Today Bestselling author. So, she can help you in promoting any new book launch, your book store, etc., which will introduce you to a new audience and give you a bigger sales count than expected.

FACT: ROI, for every dollar spent, there is an average return of $6.50 in additional earned media on top of the $1 investment.

High-Quality Content Generation: Content matters the most, and when it comes to influencer marketing, every influencer creates unique content that is what search engine trusts the most. Influencers always serve high-quality content to their followers/subscribers, keeping them bound together and even increasing their followers count.

So, these stats clearly show the growing demand for influencer marketing. You must check out the social advertising and social media marketing report 2022, which gives you insights into the social media marketing trends this year, which will also impact your brand promotion.

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