Choosing a Professional Waffle Maker


Expert chefs understand that a professional waffle iron is essential in making the best waffles. This article will discuss the various features of professional waffle makers. In addition, it will include some of the best waffle makers with their pros and cons.

Features of Professional Waffle Makers

–         Power; A high-power waffle maker will have relatively quick warming up and cooking periods. However, a super high power is likely to bring undesired results. Avoid the waffle makers that distribute the heat unevenly as they make waffles with uneven browning

–         Material; A non-stick coating is much convenient and easy to clean. However, some coatings add unwanted harmful chemicals to your waffles. An ideal waffle maker should have a safe and sound coating

–         Size and capacity; The size and the capacity of your waffle maker will depend on the number of people you’re planning to serve. The bigger the waffle maker, the higher the number of waffles it makes

–         Heating time; A fast heating waffle maker is the best to have, especially when craving waffles. This type of waffle maker will also save your time since it does not take ages to heat up

–         Temperature control; A waffle maker with temperature control will help you make the most delicious waffles. The control standardizes the temperature when baking waffles, thus producing classic waffles

–         Browning control; People prefer differently cooked waffles depending on their tastes. The browning control how your waffles will be browned. Some people prefer waffles with a lovely golden crust around, while others prefer faintly browned waffles

Best Waffle Makers

Warring Pro Double

This is the best waffle maker, even though it is pretty costly. Its 1400W heating element heats up in less time. The appliance is available in two models, a single maker and a double maker. The double maker can cook two waffles though the two models have almost the same price.


–         Has deep pockets

–         Has a great temperature and browning control

–         Its non-stick coating has no chemicals

–         Can cook a couple of waffles at once


–         It is large and bulky

–         It is relatively expensive


The waffle maker costs slightly cheaper than the Warring Pro. It is rounded with a wide moat on its iron to catch any spilling batter. It also has an advanced thermal heating technology to heat the plates evenly. Its lid consists of a locking mechanism to minimize accidents while baking the waffles.


–         Offered at a relatively affordable price

–         Straight forward to use

–         The spilling batter produces extra nibbles

–         Great browning control


–         Takes time to heat up

–         The iron surface can be scratched easily


The waffle maker is the best to bake perfect square-shaped Belgian waffles. It is designed with a steam releasing mechanism to dry the waffles as they are cooked.


–         Cased in stainless steel

–         Has an overflow tray

–         Has a decent, safe non-stick coating

–         Provides consistent results


–         Slightly complex to clean

–         Not portable easily


The above features should guide you in purchasing the most suitable professional waffle maker for your waffle-making preferences. You must have enough storage for your ideal waffle maker. Also, ensure you can purchase it. A professional waffle maker should efficiently cook the waffles in less time.

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