Choosing The Best Law Firm For International Dispute


Consulting a competent law firm is always advantageous for any company. These law firms help protect your business from legal troubles, especially when you are a multinational company. Barbier Mehtiyeva Law Firm is a law firm renowned for providing its clients with exceptional international legal counsel. The law firm specializes in high-stakes international arbitration, litigation, and other business disputes. If your company aspires to expand beyond its national borders, below are tips on selecting a good law firm.

How To Select International Legal Counsel ?

These tips will help you make the right decision.

Historical Background

Before seeking the counsel of any law firm, it’s essential to learn their legal history. This helps position you to make the best legal decision for your business. With the historical background of the law firm, you will know the experience level of their attorneys and the firm’s legal success rate.

International Presence

A law firm may be big locally but needs more presence on the international scene. This can become a serious challenge, especially when your company needs legal representation in a foreign country. Go for a firm with a robust global presence. The law firm should be to settle international disputes in English, Russian, Turkish, and French regions, among others. With such a comprehensive and robust global presence, your business can grow smoothly across borders without worrying about international legal troubles.

Staying Power

Nobody wants to wake up to the news that their law firm is closing down or merging with another firm. Such news can affect the growth of your business and increase your stress level. So, when selecting a credible law firm, analyze their staying power. You can do this by measuring their success rate in the courtroom, the experience of the lawyers, and how long they have been operating. Go for a firm that has been around for years and has some of the most experienced lawyers with the best courtroom records.

Bottom Line

Selecting the best law firm can be a bit challenging, especially for a new firm. However, by considering the attorneys’ experience and the firm’s international presence, you will have a fair chance of picking the best representative.

Trey Rory
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