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What Benefits a Vasectomy No Scalpel Method Can Offer


For many years the industry standard around vasectomies was a scalpel method, which would see a surgeon make a minor incision and then cut the body part known as the vas deferens. This part of the body is the duct which transports sperm to the ejaculatory ducts, and when it is severed it makes the patient infertile. There were however a number of issues with this kind of procedure and this is why in the mid-to-late 80s, we saw the arrival of the vasectomy no scalpel method, which would instead use a laser to sever the vas deferens rather than a metal scalpel.

This non-invasive approach has been a marvel since it was created and here are the benefits which it can offer, that the traditional method simply couldn’t.

Lower Risk of Infection

To say that infections were common in the past would be something of an overstatement, but the risk was significantly higher using that traditional approach than it is using this modern method. The reality is that all surgeries carry with them some risk of infection, but when incisions are no longer being made that risk is absolutely minimal, this is why the no scalpel method is the preferred approach.

Lower Cost of Surgery

Vasectomies have never been greatly expensive but any savings which can be passed on to the patient are of course welcome. The no scalpel approach insignificantly faster to perform and it is here that we see a huge cost reduction to the patient. Ultimately costs of surgery come down to time, how much of the surgeon’s time you take up and how long you need to rent the OR for. This faster method enables patients to get the lowest cost vasectomy.

Pain and Recovery

Owing to the fact that no incision is being made, this is a much more comfortable option for the patient and is far less painful than the old approach. Not only is the surgery itself less painful — many say that it is no more than ‘uncomfortable’ — the recovery time is also greatly reduced thanks to this new approach. In most cases patients are fully recovered and able to resume their usual daily activities within 3-4 days of having this procedure carried out.

Success Rate

The success rate of a vasectomy has always been high, yet using this particular approach has gone one step further in ensuring that the rate is even higher. This is why people will say that a vasectomy is the best kind of birth control out there, because the reality is that it is so effective once it has been completed.

The bio scalpel method is the preferred option around the world and there is almost no instance whereby the old scalpel approach would be used. The reason for this is the fact that these benefits simply outweigh the qualities of the traditional approach and it is why we are unlikely to ever need to go backwards in this procedure.

Trey Rory
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