How to Make a Fresh-Faced Return to School


Sadly, summer vacation is coming to a close. School will be back in session for many in a matter of weeks. While staying out late and sleeping in every day is enjoyable, education is also important. All you can do now is start making some adjustments so that the return to school doesn’t give you whiplash.

The first day of school is of particular importance. Everyone wants to look their best when catching up with old friends or making a good first impression on new teachers and classmates. Here are a few easy ways you can get yourself ready for going back to school and all that it entails:

Start Acne Treatment

If there’s one thing that teens and young adults hate more than anything on the first day of school, it’s acne. Even though it’s such a common skin condition, it’s easy to feel embarrassed about your skin blemishes. Luckily, acne treatment is accessible, now more than ever before.

For the best results possible, consider getting a prescription for acne treatment. This will ensure that any medication you take is actually beneficial for your skin. Over-the-counter options aren’t for everyone, and can even aggravate sensitive skin.

You can get an online consultation that diagnoses your particular case of acne and prescribes an appropriate medication. These prescriptions might even change as you age, so it’s good to check in periodically. The sooner you begin acne treatment, the better you’ll look and feel when you return to school.

Stay on Top of Your Health

Your skin isn’t the only part of your body that needs care before school. With so many people congregating in classrooms, you’re much more susceptible to illness. A fresh-faced return to school is much harder when you’re feeling sick.

There are a few ways you can stay on top of your health before returning to school. For starters, get into the habit of drinking water. It boosts your immune system and gives you extra energy throughout long school days. Recent studies have shown a connection between staying hydrated and succeeding in school.

Other measures you can take include updating any important prescriptions and getting vaccinated for the flu and COVID-19. Taking these steps before school starts will help ensure that you hit the ground running.

Get a Haircut

The summer is often a time to try new styles, dye your hair, or get bangs. But if you decide that look isn’t for you, it’s time to get back to normal. Letting your hair grow out over the summer might be fun, but it may become difficult to manage in a classroom setting. A quality haircut can have you looking and feeling your best after a long summer of carefree living.

Getting a haircut from a parent at home is a great way to save money. However, an exception can be made for the first day of school. A professional haircut can feel like a special moment. And a slick, new hairstyle will have you feeling fresher than ever.

Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Buying a new outfit for the first day of school is a fond childhood memory for many. Sometimes feeling comfortable in a new outfit is what you need to take on any challenge. Why not treat yourself to some new threads for that fresh-faced return to school this fall?

New clothes don’t necessarily have to be brand new to give you some extra confidence. They just have to be new to you. You can find some great clothing at local consignment shops that will have you — and your wallet — looking and feeling great. You can even get together with some friends to find some matching outfits. Don’t forget to check out the shoes and jewelry to accessorize.

Set Goals and Expectations

A successful return to school isn’t just about how you look on the outside. The mentality you bring to the first day of school will set the tone for a successful year. Before you even step foot in that first class, you should have some goals and expectations set.

For example, one of your goals for the upcoming school year might be to be more outgoing. How would you approach this goal from day one? Maybe it’s by talking to a new person every day for the first week. You’ll likely make some new friends and acquaintances.

Many students start the new school year with a bad attitude. Admittedly, hours of time at a desk and loads of homework appeal to only a select few. Setting goals, while recognizing the importance of education, can help lift up that day one attitude.

Be Yourself

Perhaps the best advice you can give to any student is to be themselves. Too many people, teenagers especially, try to put on a face or personality that doesn’t fit them. The short-term pursuit of popularity isn’t nearly as rewarding as being happy in your own skin.

Parents should do their best to support their children in their own unique way. Students themselves need to embrace their personal attributes and be honest with themselves. How refreshing will it be on that first day of school knowing that you’re not putting on an act for everyone else?

While it’s more important how you finish out the school year, getting a good start makes the journey much easier. Start preparing for school today, and you’ll be looking forward to going back.

Trey Rory
the authorTrey Rory