The Advent Of Professional Diving, Seiko Marinemaster


 What is Seiko Marinemaster?

In the long history, Seiko has made superior dive watches perfect for everyone for their enthusiasm. Earlier, a highly functional watch was looked at by us for the turtle family of divers which was in daily use ideal for both recreational divers and watch lovers needed for a solid and durable timepiece. In today’s scenario, we look at the Marinemaster range and Seiko’s history of superior dive watches which are designed for professionals for risking their lives in the deep sea.

In emergence, the seiko marinemaster is similar in shape to the professional dive watches. The opportunity for building the legacy of the Marinemaster has made the prospect line in the vertex watches. The key strength of Seiko is recognized when and how to reintroduce classic design to the market.

Seiko Marinemaster Models

The familiarity of most of the Seiko collectors is with the SBDX001 marine master. The first marine master was Seiko Marinemaster which has multiple models with the designation. The following are the list of Seiko Marinemaster models that are branded as the marine masters:

  • SBDX001- The marine master
  • SBCN005- The first Marine master transocean
  • SBBN011- The shrouded driver with 1000m Darth Vader
  • SBDD001- The direct drive kinetic with MM on the hangtag
  • SBDW015- The pipin Ferraras kinetic
  • SBDD003 – The perspex divers with dive computer are marine masters

Winding Up

Although it is a bit aged, the movement in the Marinemaster SBDX001 is at the top-notch. The reliability is kept in time for years to come. The incredible depths of the modern diver’s brag about the achievement of the 300m ratings which is more than sufficient. The new divers don’t need to be as pricey as expensive for the production which would be important for looking until you find one that will care for as well as this one.

Trey Rory
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