YouTube Marketing – How Your Business Can Use It


Have you ever came across an annoying ad on a YouTube video that you can only skip after 5 seconds? We have no doubt you remember all such ads. Surprisingly enough, these annoying ads have a high success rate in grabbing viewers’ attention and motivating them to check out a brand for more details.

This tells us that YouTube today has become a powerful digital marketing tool. Brands of all sizes and industries are now using advanced algorithms to reach a wider audience in a more effective manner. However, you should not be mistaken that YouTube marketing is only limited to those in-video ads that frustrate everybody. Instead, YouTube marketing is a whole another world of powerful SEO and video-based marketing activities.

This method of digital marketing is a useful tool for large businesses as well as for smaller ones. It isn’t entirely free of cost, but surely has a wider reach, greater impact and is also up-to-date with the latest marketing trends.

How To Successfully Use YouTube For Marketing

Having a YouTube channel alone is not the only way to ensure effective marketing on this platform. You need to realize that intense competition on these digital platforms make it really difficult for companies and brands to stand out from one another. Your YouTube channel should be linked to all other marketing channels such as Facebook Business pages and your brand’s websites.

If you are intrigued by how brands are using their YouTube channels to generate more leads on to their business pages and profiles, here are some tips and steps you must follow to get in the game.

  • Customizing your channel

Fortunately, YouTube allows a lot of creative freedom and lets users customize their channels so they can stand out from the rest. A profile picture or thumbnail of your channel alone can make such a huge difference in your first-impression you leave on your visitors. An important thing to note here is the channel art. While channel picture is very similar to Facebook profile picture, channel art is like Facebook’s cover photo. This is the picture that your visitors see first.

A good tip is that you should opt for an account picture you use in all your other social media accounts. This can be your brand’s logo, or your headshot. Having the same picture on all platforms will build an image for users and also make it easier for them to recognize you on all various platforms.

Channel art is very interesting and tricky. It has to be a quick visual representation of your business, but not your logo. It can be your tagline, or just a random click that has something symbolic to your product or service. There are several tools available that you can use to find aesthetic channel art templates.

  • YouTube SEO

YouTube is one of the biggest, most popular search engines used for video content. It is a platform widely used for education purposes, entertainment, business and social networking too. It is crucial for businesses to optimize their videos and content in such a way that their videos rank high on YouTube as well as on other search engines. For example, if you search for wildlife videos on Google, the highest ranking video will be the one that has a powerful SEO. So, how does one achieve a good SEO score on YouTube?

You need to optimize video descriptions, metadata, playlists and even your video’s texts and captions. There are efficient tools such as the Keyword Tool that allows you to come up with highest ranking SEO-friendly keywords to add to your video’s descriptions. Other than that, your video’s title should also be rich with keywords, plus it should be easy to read and understand. You can also add tags to your YouTube videos to maximize optimization.

  • Engage with your audience

Like any other platform, your YouTube marketing efforts will go to waste if your audience is not engaged. They should be hooked onto your channel. This is possible in many ways, but uploading highest quality content and interacting with your audience frequently are the most effective ways. When you reply to their feedback and queries in the comments section, they feel special and connected to your brand. As a result, you are more likely to change these visitors into actual buyers and loyal customers.

You must conduct through research on your audience. Specify who you wish to target, and understand how you can cater to their needs. Identify their demographics, personal preferences, buying behaviors and patterns, and their pain points before you can understand what kind of videos are going to work for them.

A quick and simple way to do this is to hold an informal Q&A session on YouTube live, Instagram stories or on Facebook live, where you welcome questions, queries and complaints from your audience. You can then use this one-on-one interaction to create a clearer customer profile you wish to target.

  • Efficient scheduling

Without appropriate scheduling and organized posting, your YouTube marketing will never be a success. You must understand that scheduling when you post a new video is the key to generating more traffic on your page. When you create a schedule for your channel, you not only keep yourself organized but also create a spark amongst your audience. They will anticipate for your new video. When they will have something to look forward every other day of the week or on a monthly-basis, they will be more excited and hooked on to your channel. This can stir a lot of attention and interest amongst your viewers. Your marketing team will also have a direction to follow with a set schedule.


All your digital marketing tools and platforms require one thing and that it is a consistently available, and a secure and fast internet connection. Without it, getting anything done will be close to impossible. Our households, restaurants, offices and even schools are incomplete without a stable internet connection. If you are a small-scale, home-based business depending on YouTube marketing, then AT&T home internet services might be the best choice for you. Make sure to research on your competitors, audience and also learn more about the free and paid marketing tools you can use on your YouTube channel.

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