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Appears Like We’re Ready for the following Generation in Personal Tech


Well, using the recent patent violation lawsuits within the personal tech space, possibly the time is right for that industry to prevent copying one another, and move all of this technology to another generation, the 5th generation. Might I would recommend that are going to much better than we have done to date, and even though the Iphone would be a big step forward for that industry and consumers all over the world, you’re ready to take that giant leap once again. Which means that all companies have to put money into development and research, this is not on corporate espionage spies, or copying what everybody else has done.

Consider articles within the Wall Street Journal printed on September 4, 2012 entitled “Rivals Attempt to Beat Apple to Punch,” by Steven D. Johnson which told of all of the companies with new personal tech devices being released within the summer time of 2012 soon after the $1 big patent violation suit victory by Apple Corporation over Samsung running Android. Now it appears as though nearly everybody is about to launch in to the market right into a craze.

Now then, for somebody that runs a think tank I’d certainly want to see holographic technology introduced in to the fray and into our mobile technologies. IBM is spending $5 billion on spectral imaging and holographic imagery. And do not believe that it had not been on Steve Jobs’ wish list either, since i surely bet you, it was, he would be a visionary, and I am sure he saw the film within the The Exorcist series where they’d a holographic cell phone.

The interesting factor about all of this would be that the technology exists now, and just must be miniaturized. Presently the tiniest devices for holographic projection have to do with how big a brick, and even though much light, not always something you want to hold around along with you anywhere you go. The idea of a relevant video mobile phone can be obtained now, however the bandwidth is a touch excessive and overtaxing around the 3G and 4G wireless systems. Nonetheless, there’s new science and algorithms which could compress that data that can help with videophones.

Still, it truly is here we are at all of this advanced technology arrive at fruition. I am unsure what everybody delays for, and that i be worried about these violation lawsuits since they’re stopping the incremental gains in technology who have pressed us already enough where Apple had to accept next leap. At this time though it may be the biggest company by market cap, it’s still sitting pretty using its current technology, which means we must wait a few more years for that holographic stuff.

Trey Rory
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