A propane delivery scheduled ? Here’s how to prepare for it


As a homeowner, you would appreciate a swift propane gas delivery at your location during the winter months. If you have run out of fuel during the cold months, you would, of course, call one of the local propane gas suppliers. After all, you wouldn’t want the visiting delivery personnel to trip and stumble on twigs and other hazardous objects on the path. Moreover, you need to ensure a seamless approach to your home. In this post, you will get a comprehensive idea on how you can prepare for propane delivery once you schedule it.

Preparing your premises for propane gas delivery

  • Basement: In some homes, the propane tank is located in the basement. Make sure to keep this space organized, so that the delivery persons can access it perfectly. Clean the basement and remove the discarded furnishings that you don’t want to use anymore.
  • Lawn: Trim the grass on your lawn if they haven’t been taken care of for long. The stretch should be free of any sort of obstruction, puddles, and dog droppings. In case your tank is close to the deck, you need to clean it. Also, don’t overlook inspecting the boards, so that the delivery personnel can safely walk over them.
  • Backyard: In some homes, the tank is placed behind the building. In these cases, take care of your backyard and make the place accessible. Just like your side yards and front yards, clear the puddles, garbage, and droppings of dogs from the backyard.
  • Driveway: Make sure to clean the driveway to make way for the refill delivery truck carrying propane gas. Parking other vehicles on the driveway will result in delays. So, make sure to remove these vehicles to some other place when you know that you have a propane gas delivery

Take care of the space around your propane gas tank

  • Snow: Mostly during the winter and the fall, your driveway would have snow on it. With a propane gas refueling scheduled, it’s your responsibility to clear the snow. Also, take care of the space around the fill pipe and the tank. This would make the delivery process swift and hassle-free.
  • Foliage: Some households appoint the refueling during the early part of winter. During this time, the area around your propane tank might have wet leaves accumulated on it. This would make it difficult for the delivery personnel to access the tank, particularly if it is placed above the ground. Moreover, the foliage might mess up the fill pipe if you have the tank below the ground. To ensure a faster delivery, make sure to do away with the foliage beforehand.
  • Tools: The propane gas delivery personnel might find it intimidating to deliver the fuel if they stumble on tools lying across the area. You might have used shovels, lawnmowers, rakes, or wheelbarrows to clear the place a few days back. Take care to remove these tools to ensure a hassle-free reach to your propane tank.
  • Debris: Well, debris pileup happens to be yet another issue during the winter months or the fall. From the remnants of bushes to broken branches, the delivery personnel might encounter a number of obstacles. Make sure that you clear the debris from the pathway leading to the propane tank. Also clear the exterior of your home from trash, crates, or boxes.

 Other things to take care of

When you have a propane gas delivery scheduled, take care of the bikes, boars, or trailers lying on the driveway. It would be wise to shift these objects elsewhere, so that the delivery person gets a seamless access to the tank. Also, remove the garbage bags and trash cans from the driveway.

Reputed gas suppliers deliver the cylinders in quick time after you schedule the appointment. It makes sense to ease up their task by ensuring proper access to your driveway and propane tank!

Trey Rory
the authorTrey Rory