Is Your Bike Rain-Ready? Here’s Why You Should Opt For  Bike Insurance This Monsoon  


It is that time of the year again – the monsoons have arrived. While it is a great time to enjoy the cool, fresh air and soak in the pleasant weather, it is also a period where one has to make several preparations, especially if they own a bike. Two-wheelers are more prone to mishaps during the monsoon due to several reasons. While the mandatory third-party bike insurance would be helpful during accidents, comprehensive bike insurance may be required to cover particular damages that monsoons bring. Let’s explore why one should get their bike comprehensively insured during the monsoons.

Increased vulnerability to accidents 

The rainy season is one where the visibility is often low, especially if it is raining heavily or the winds are strong. If you are riding on a highway or an expressway where there are other large vehicles, such an atmosphere could lead to unfortunate accidents. Moreover, there is also the risk of tires skidding due to the wet roads.

While accidents are difficult to deal with, their aftermath is even more challenging. Your bike could be damaged heavily. A comprehensive motor insurance policy can help you out here by covering not only the third-party liabilities but also the damage that your bike has incurred. If any of the parts of the bike covered by the policy get damaged, the expenses for their repair and replacement will be taken care of by the insurer.

Risk of damage due to waterlogging and flood

If you are living in a city that is prone to floods and/or waterlogging, then comprehensive bike insurance is a must. Water can cause severe damage to various parts of the bike, especially the engine. There is even a risk of the circuit getting damaged. Getting these repairs can take a heavy toll, financially. Bikes can also suffer damage due to lightning, a common occurrence during the rainy season. That is why a comprehensive bike insurance policy that covers floods and related phenomena is necessary.

Benefit of add-ons 

One can also buy add-ons/riders to give their bike additional protection during this monsoon season. Some add-ons that you may want to consider purchasing with your motor insurance are:

  • Engine protection cover – This add-on provides you with compensation in case of damage to certain parts of your engine due to waterlogging and/or floods.
  • Roadside assistance – Bikes are more prone to breakdowns in the rains. If it happens in an area where you do not have access to a garage, things could get difficult. The roadside assistance add-on can be very helpful here: you can reach out to your insurer and they will send someone to help you get to the nearest garage.
  • Zero depreciation add-on – Since the likelihood of raising claims is high in the monsoon, it would be much better if the compensation you are receiving does not take into consideration the depreciation value of your bike. The zero-depreciation add-on allows you to get the full claim amount, thus helping you save money in the long run.

Along with buying a comprehensive bike insurance policy, it is also important that you follow safety precautions while riding. Avoid high speeds and ride carefully, keeping yourself alert. Once these things are taken care of, one can fully enjoy the amazing thrill of riding a bike in the monsoon!

Trey Rory
the authorTrey Rory