Underground Cellar – Wine Hacks Everyone Should Know


Drinking wine is fun and if you are a wine lover, there are a few hacks you should know for the next time you feel up your cup. Like how to improvise when you misplace the corkscrew, what to do with leftover wine and how to chill your wine quickly.  Here are some hacks to up your wine game:

  • Open Your Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew

Sometimes, things like the corkscrew vanish when we need it the most. Don’t panic, a house key can do the job. Insert the key into the cork, twist clockwise around the entire bottle, and pull out the key using a towel.

  • Chill Your Wine With a Cold Paper Towel

Some wines like white wines are best served chilled. But what happens when you forget to put the wine in the fridge or buy wine at room temperature with just a few minutes to serve the drink? A good hack is to chill with a cold paper towel. Wrap the wine with a wet paper towel and stick it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.

  • Use Leftover Wine as Anti-Aging Facial Mask

Wondering what to do with leftover wine instead of pouring it down the drain? Well, you can use it as a facial mask. Wine has antioxidants and will help remove impurities and repair damaged skin.  All you need is to mix with Kaolin clay, oat flour and apply them to your face.

  • Make Wine Ice Cubes

Instead of drinking watered-down wine, you can make wine ice cubes. Pour your wine into an ice tray, freeze it and use the wine ice cubes to drink your wine. Genius, right?

  • Use Table Salt and Paper Towel To Rid of Red Wine Stains

You can remove stubborn red wine stains with your table salt. Blot the stain dry paper towel, covet the stain in salt and leave for about an hour. Then dab the stain with hot water.

Like that you know these wine hacks, don’t forget to experience your wine in perfect ways and always shop for a delicious selection of wines. You can invest in wines you already know you will enjoy, experiment with a new selection of wines or take advantage of offers like that of Underground Cellar that lets you upgrade your wine bottles at no extra cost.

Trey Rory
the authorTrey Rory