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Smart cooking tips that you can use start today


There are several basic cooking tips that anyone can learn in the kitchen. With a busy lifestyle right now, knowing and using some basic cooking tips can save your time and reduce stress in the kitchen.

The following is only a few small handful of basic cooking tips that you can put in your daily life to save time and money.

Cooking tips are used by the best chefs around the world to maintain order and harmony in their kitchen. Here are ten most common cooking tips at the chef’s house and can start using today.

1. Use a small note pad or whiteboard in your refrigerator to record the items you need to get your next trip to the store.

2. Prepare all your ingredients before starting to cook. This includes all cutting, mixing and measuring as part of preparation.

3. Start cooking plates from the longest to the shortest. You can prepare another item in between so that everything is ready at the same time.

4. Save some kitchen timers in your kitchen and set one for each dish. This allows you to concentrate on the tasks faced rather than determining the time of each dish.

5. To keep your mixing bowl from sliding around when you stir or shake, place it in a moist kitchen towel.

6. Save the supply of disposable vinyl gloves is useful so that your hands are not stained by certain foods or irritated by peppers or hot onions.

7. Cooking spray can store food from coloring plastic equipment or your storage container. Spray before adding food or using the tool.

8. Place a toothpick between the pot and close to prevent boiling pots. This technique also functions with casserole dishes covered.

9. Keep the pasta, custard, and milk from boiling by coating the inside of the lid of the pan with vegetable oil.

10. When using a double boiler, place some marbles or close the clean jar in the bottom skillet. If the water is low, these objects will crack, warn you about the problem.

Here are some tips on handling food:

Run Bacon under cold water before frying to reduce shrinkage

Add one tablespoon of my soda bicarbonate while soaking the beans to reduce gas attacks

Add salt or vinegar when boiling eggs will keep the eggs on the shell if cracked.

Boil the corn for three minutes directly into boiling water, without salt to maintain the level of taste.

Freeze cheese for 25 minutes to make a lattice easier.

Soak the wilted vegetables in 2 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of vinegar to help turn it back on.

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