Selection of facade washing technology


The facade of the building must be maintained in good condition, making repair and cleaning work as necessary. It is especially important to maintain the facade of public and commercial buildings in the proper form, because this is the “face” of the company.

Currently, the choice of materials and technologies for finishing facades is very diverse. This factor must be taken into account when choosing a facade washing technology, because the main task of washing is to clean the facade in such a way as not to harm the finishing layer, while removing all persistent dirt.

There are several ways to wash the facade: manual, mechanical, chemical, combined

The first method is often chosen for washing facades of architectural value, where other methods are impractical or there is a risk of damage to the finish (for example, stucco and other small architectural forms). The manual method involves the application of detergents selected for the material of the facade and the nature of the pollution, as well as further rinsing with water without the use of automated devices or tools.

The mechanical technology of washing the facade or pressure washing is carried out using high pressure washers, it is also possible to use various hand tools (brushes, scrapers, etc.), provided that the finish coating is not damaged. Initially, a detergent is applied to the surface of the facade, the dosage and type of which is selected individually. After some time, the facade is washed with clean water.

The chemical method is used when it is necessary to eliminate persistent contaminants that cannot be removed by previous methods. The composition and time of its action are selected depending on the type of facing material, the nature of the pollution and its intensity.

The complex method includes all or some of the above methods for washing facades, based on the state of the object. Follow the link you can read more of pressure washing

Thus, for the selection of facade washing technology, factors such as the configuration and architectural complexity of the facade, the type of facing, wear of the finishing material, historical value, volume, nature and intensity of pollution are taken into account. Only a specialist can choose the best way to wash the facade, independent performance of such work can lead to damage to the appearance of the building and destruction of the finishing coating.

The high-rise building washing season is just around the corner. How to save on seasonal washing of glazing and facades?

The beginning of the spring-summer period is inextricably linked with the preparation and maintenance of facades and glazing of buildings. Monitoring the condition of the facade is the direct responsibility of the management company, the owner of the building or the tenant. Washing is also an integral part of the maintenance of the facade in proper condition.

Washing the facades of buildings is a specialized work, which means that trained specialists with the necessary skills and experience are allowed to perform it, especially when washing the facade at a height.

The most optimal option for high-altitude washing is industrial mountaineering. This method replaces the need to use heavy equipment – all work is done in the air due to climbing equipment, which makes it universal. The cost of services of industrial climbers depends on the amount of work and the complexity of the object.

However, even in this case, many companies offer a way to save money on high-rise washing of facades. The fact is that with a one-time visit, the prices for the services of industrialists are always higher than for services on an ongoing basis. That is, concluding a high-rise washing agreement with a specialized power washing company for at least a year or several seasons, the cost of work will be somewhat lower.

The second advantage of such work is that the schedule for the departure of employees will be drawn up and approved with customers in advance. Of course, this does not rule out some minor adjustments during the maintenance period. Suppose, in the event of some unforeseen situations, it is possible to postpone certain days of departure by agreement with the client.

Subscription service is always convenient, as the facade will be regularly cleaned of dust and dirt, which means that each subsequent wash will be faster. The intensity of facade pollution also affects the cost of washing. The “dirtier” the facade, the more expensive the cost of cleaning it will be. Thus, if you do not launch the facade, but regularly order a pressure washing service, the cost of work will be lower.

Today, many companies offer professional high-rise cleaning services at affordable prices; you can also order both one-time and subscription services.

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