Rye whiskey distillery: How to choose one?


Many families have enjoyed their favorite rye whiskey recipe made from locally grown rye grains and milled at the distillery for years. With the new selection being offered by the distilleries, you can enjoy new rye recipes that are made with all-natural ingredients. Some of the exciting new recipes include: Blue Mountain Malt, Manhattan rye, Wheatsheaf rye, and American whiskey.

Many people look forward to sipping on a great glass of whiskey after a long day or relaxing after a long night. It is important to try many new recipes with all-natural rye grains.

You can enjoy trying many different flavors from the classic taste of whiskey to the fruit flavors that are now offered in traditional whiskeys such as Blue Mountain and Manhattan. You will also find recipes that use a unique method of fermenting the grains, resulting in a whiskey with a distinct taste. Several of the traditional methods of fermenting rye include mashing, smoke method, and step fermentation. Some distillers still utilize the older methods, but have developed newer techniques. For example, they may use hot water to drive away the yeast, along with oak chips to flavor the finished product.

The rye distillery offers many popular styles of rye that you will be sure to love. They offer an English, Irish, Canadian and New World style. There are also offerings to satisfy everyone from the whiskey fanatics to the peanut butter and jelly fans.

The distillery has many other activities scheduled on a regular basis. They host many fun events and family-oriented ones. During these days, you can enjoy shopping, interactive plays, games, pony rides and much more. Many of the activities feature food from around the area and rye made products. You will find that there are also many great food and drink pairings available. You will be sure to enjoy your stay at the distillery.

There are many reasons to visit the distillery and one of them is that it makes some of the nicest whiskey around. When they process the whiskey in the distilleries, it is given a nice, smooth flavor that will astound you. It is nice and light and not at all overpowering. If you like your whiskey light, you will certainly like what you taste when you drink it.

The old fashioned way to get to the distillery is to use a train. It’s fun and exciting and a great way to experience the history of the whiskey making process. If you have never been on a train to get to anywhere, it is definitely an experience that you will never forget. You will also see how distilleries process the rye and make many different types of whiskey.

If you love drinking whiskey, you definitely should try to tour some of the whiskey distilleries in the Kentucky area. You will be amazed by all of the history and the fact that there is so much historical information for you to learn. Just remember to bring a camera if you want to take some great pictures as well. There are just so many things to see and do when you are in the area.

Trey Rory
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