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Robert Testagrossa – Where To Get Interior Design Inspiration From


When it comes to interior design most of us really don’t have much of a clue as to what we want from our redecoration project. Some experts in interior design like Robert Testagrossa have minds which can just tune in with rooms and identify the perfect look for those spaces. The rest of us however can take inspiration from those who have already been inspired, and use their ideas inside our own homes. There are many places where you can look to in order to get inspired, and here are just a few examples of where you can find ideas for your interior design project.

Interior Design Magazines

There are certainly less magazines being bought now than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less helpful than they have always been. Interior design magazines are usually packed with a wide range of great ideas for each room in the home. Additionally you can use these magazines to find out what is in fashion right now, so that you can stay on top of all current trends.

Social Media

Social media has given rise to an enormous number of people with interior design skills, to share their ideas. Within this you will see professionals and amateurs alike, who cannot wait to show off their skills. Following these accounts will give you an enormous range of ideas which you may wish to implement in your home. This is like having your very own interior designer, yet without paying for their service.

Friends and Family

Whilst it would make no sense to completely copy the interior design of a family member or a friend, there is no reason why you shouldn’t look at some of the things that they have placed in their home, and picking up some design tips which can help you in yours. This could be the way that they have played with shades and tones, their use of feature walls or perhaps even the way that they have presented certain items of furniture. There is inspiration everywhere if you are prepared to look for it.

Shows and Events

If you are undertaking a large project in the home then you may find that the best place for you to go and get inspiration is through an event or show. There are design shows which take place up and down the country each and every year, and they provide a great chance to see design ideas in the flesh. Often companies will install large pieces such as living rooms and kitchens, which are littered with the hottest trends and the coolest design features. Even if you don’t plan to buy from any of the companies which have their exhibits, you may find that you can get some great ideas which you will be able to implement in your own home.

There are so many places to get inspired, the key is to keep your eyes open, everywhere that you go.

Trey Rory
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