Ken Julian Offers a Brief Outline of Diverse Aspects Of NFL 


The National Football League is the most watched sport in the United States. Commonly referred to as NFL, this league has seen numerous Super Bowls and World Championships since its formation in the 1920. Ken Julian mentions that millions of people in the US, as well as places abroad, tune in to watch major NFL matches and share a great passion for the game. The Super Bowl games are especially quite popular among Americans and they eagerly wait throughout the year for it. Being an extremely prestigious league, NFL has a rich history and interesting facts associated with it.

It was sometime in the 1925 that the NFL began to garner serious attention. On the Thanksgiving Day of that year, the largest crowd till back then came together to watch a professional football match.  Ken Julian mentions that this match was between the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cardinals. Even though neither of the teams could put points on the board, there was a high degree of excitement among the crowd for the matches. This excitement only kept increasing with time, and today NFL is enjoyed in almost all-American households.

One cannot talk about NFL without mentioning the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl essentially is the culmination of the NFL season, in which two of the best teams in the league end up sizing up their strengths. More than a hundred million people in the US tune in to watch the Super Bowl each and every year. The very first Super Bowl was held in the year of 1967, in which the Green Bay Packers won over the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots are additionally the most decorated NFL teams as of 2021. After them come the San Francisco 49s and Dallas Cowboys, who have managed five wins in the Super Bowl. The next in line is the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants. Pittsburgh Steelers additionally are the only team that has managed to win back-to-back NFL championships.  When it comes to losses, The Buffalo Bills have been known to be among the unluckiest teams in the history of the Super Bowl. They, unfortunately, lost every single game even after going to the Super Bowl four straight times during the 90s.

Ken Julian further talks about the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This is the NFL Hall of Fame that was started out in 1963. This hall of fame list features all the individuals who have managed to make considerable contributions to NFL, and have managed to take the game to a whole new level. More than three hundred members have been mentioned in the NFL Hall of Fame, and several of them are still alive.  The youngest inductee in the Pro Football Hall of Fame is Gale Sayers. He was inducted into the list at the age of 34, in the year 1977. Conversely, Ed Sabol is the oldest inductee on the list, who was added to it at the age of 94.

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