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How to prevent dementia in your dog?


Did you know that your dog can suffer from dementia? People often think that this type of disease is linked only to humans. Daily physical activity is one of the best methods to prevent your dog from suffering from this awful illness. Dog toys are an excellent tool to keep your dog active and performing different tasks. Remember that your dog loves to look for things using its sense of smell, causing its brain to have positive hormones such as serotonin, stimulating the production of neurons, and preventing the onset of dementia. You can also opt for interactive dog toys, in which your dog must move levers or be guided by sounds to obtain a reward. You must learn how these toys work. Some have difficulty levels, and if your dog starts at the highest level, it is likely to end up frustrated.

Signs that your dog may have dementia

Do you give your dog commands, and it doesn’t obey? Does your dog sit at a corner of the house? Does your four-legged friend sleep too much or have trouble sleeping? These are some signs that your dog may be suffering from dementia. The first thing you should do is contact your trusted veterinarian and explain what is going on. The veterinarian is the only one qualified to rule out dementia, or any other type of problem. Timing is an important factor, as dementia can be caused by a degeneration of neurons in your dog’s brain. If you don’t address the problem in time, your dog will get worse, putting its life and the integrity of your family at risk. Cases have been known of dogs with dementia attacking their families for no reason. A veterinarian can indicate the medications you should give your dog to slow down or stop the degenerative process of your dog’s brain.

Nutrients that prevent dementia

The food you buy for your dog should contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and vitamins to promote natural hormone regeneration. Fish oil, medicinal herbs, and essential oils can help relax your dog, preventing it from becoming stressed or depressed. Stress breaks down the communication channels of neurons, damaging them irreversibly. Certain chemicals can also cause dementia. Avoid snacks with bold colors. The companies that make these products use harsh chemicals to color their products. A quality product does not need colors that make it “pretty”. Besides, your dog prefers a snack for its taste rather than its color. Keep that in mind.

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