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How to Choose Your Dream Pool


Having your very own swimming pool in a home can be overwhelming for kids and adults. Joy and enthusiasm grow manifold with the latest technology and upgraded features of a swimming pool. An inground pool, on top of all, can enhance the backyard’s feel and aesthetic appeal. People of all ages enjoy the sun-splashed water oasis.

Here are some key things to consider when going ahead to buy the dream pool for yourself.

Cost and Kinds

It is important to keep the cost of swimming pool installation in mind as well while choosing your pool. Most of the time the cost of a pool is only half of the total-installation. It is no secret that an inground pool does cost a fortune along with a precious amount of time for installation. However, the popularity and excitement of having a pool in your home surpass the money.

Types Of The Pool

Finding yourself and your family a perfect pool is not going to be easy. There are three types of the popular pool for inground installation. These are fiberglass, vinyl, and concrete. In some places, you can still notice pools made of aluminum and steel.

  • Concrete Pool

Concrete pools are perfect for custom-made designs, not limiting to the shape and size of the pool. It takes a long time to design and get the pool working. However, concrete pools are the most durable types.

  • Vinyl-lined pool

Made from preformed liners that are flexible and fit the hole dug for a swimming pool well. The vinyl liner attaches to a reinforced frame of steel or other materials. The construction times lie between 1-3 weeks. It is crucial to consider the thickness of the vinyl sheet as it can easily get punctured over time.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass is one giant piece of bowl moulding that you put in the ground with the help of a crane. The ready-made pool has gel coating that makes it durable and resistant to stains. Fiberglass pools are quite faster to get installed and require less upkeep as well. Sometimes the installation is done in less than three days.

Fiberglass pools are factory-made and thus require ample space to fit in your yard. Also, the installation happens using a crane and can become tricky if you live in a tight space. These pools are shipped in trucks and require enough space for installation.

Which One To Choose?

All these three pool types are generally available around the globe for installing. The climate and certain reasons are also deciding factors while choosing a pool type. If you live in a cold climate, it is better to opt for fiberglass or vinyl type for your pool. Concrete pools will not be able to endure the repetitive thawing and freezing of the pool.


Now that you know about the popular types of pools, make sure you choose the one that can fit your purpose. Installing a pool requires you to choose the type, filters, and accessories. Not to forget, the additional landscaping, patio furniture, and lighting will cost more.

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