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Here’s How to Stay Active When Working from Home


With the ongoing pandemic still on the rise, most of us are either studying or working from home. For many, it may be a blessing in disguise as the need to no longer commute to work saves a lot of time and money.

On the other hand, some people have a hard time focusing at home. Maybe there are too many people at home, or perhaps it’s the slow internet speed hindering performance.

If you’re in the latter group of individuals, then apart from looking for the best internet prices, check out plans that give you amazing internet speeds.

However, there’s something common between these two groups of people – the trouble of staying active at home. Remaining active is perhaps the most challenging aspect of working, studying, or in general, staying at home.

Today, it has become more important than ever to prioritize your health, whether it’s your physical or mental health. Hence, we’ve decided to share ways to build a daily routine that positively impacts your well-being.

Let’s dig in!

The Reality of Working from Home

Before we jump right into how you can stay active at home, let’s understand the reality of working from home. Working from home is no doubt the most preferred office environment during the pandemic.

It allows you a certain degree of flexibility, such as scheduling your work in a way that you get to spend quality time with your loved ones at home. But losing the workspace that’s outside of the house can affect your health.

Inactivity is by far the most significant problem most people face working from home. The typical reaction to a busy workload is usually to sit until all the work is complete.

You might not even realize how many hours have gone by since you last moved from your chair, or in some instances, the couch. Let’s take a look at how you can overcome this inactivity when working from home.

Add a Workout To Your Daily Schedule

You can make all the promises you want to yourself that you’re going to exercise every day religiously; chances are, you’ll inevitably find excuses to miss out on the exercise.

Similar to how you schedule and organize your meetings and workload, you should give the same amount of importance to exercise. Treat it the same way as you would whenever you’ve got a call with a client.

Simply ducking out from your desk means you’ll more likely get it done. Try planning a time best suited for you to exercise. Some people can exercise in the early morning by walking their pets or getting in a jog.

Others may prefer to exercise about lunchtime, right before they eat. Don’t force yourself to exercise at a time you’re most reluctant because you’re not going to stick to your exercise this way in the long run.

Set up a Work Desk

You may not know, but organizing your work desk can help keep you more active. Researchers have emphasized the advantages of having a standing work desk. While we understand that it’s easier said than done, you can still make sure to organize your desk ergonomically.

Be sure that the chair supports your knees, hips, and back. In other words, adjust the height of your chair in a way that your knees and hips are at a 90 degrees angle.

Moreover, if there are armrests on your chair, make sure they support your forearms and elbows in a bent position. Also, the height of your computer should be level with your eyes so that you don’t have to strain your shoulders and neck from looking down all the time.

Set Realistic Achievable Exercise Goals

It’s not uncommon to fail at your first exercise attempt. However, this usually happens when you pressure yourself a little too much. Getting up early morning for a job might be some people’s way of staying fit, but it’s not only a hassle but a pain for others.

Setting unrealistic exercise goals will only make exercise seem like a chore rather than something fulfilling. Cut yourself some slack, and understand that it’s more than okay not to get up early if that’s not who you are.

Look for activities that you like and maybe even those that involve your friends doing them with you.


We hope you’re a little more motivated to stay healthy now. It’s all right if you’re not there yet. What matters is that you’re trying to get there one day at a time.

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