Flu Season is Coming! COVID-19 Touchpoint Cleaning Can Prevent the Spread of Influenza Too


Ten months into the pandemic, you’re an expert in sanitizing high touch surfaces in your home, car and work place. You’ve learned how to identify essential businesses that promote good health practices such as frequently sanitizing hands, wearing masks and even utilizing a COVID-19 disinfection service for their entire building. These practices are invaluable in preventing the spread of coronavirus, but they also target another annual visitor we may have forgotten about in light of the pandemic – the seasonal flu.

Powerful and deadly in its own way, seasonal influenza usually strikes between October and April, causing an estimated 740,000 hospitalizations in the 2019-2020 season, according to the Centers for Disease Control. These hospitalizations could result in up to 62,000 deaths in the United States, and up to 2 million deaths worldwide. Although these numbers are daunting, there is hope! Many people have adopted excellent wellness practices due to the coronavirus pandemic, and these practices are effective against the influenza virus as well. In fact, the CDC estimates that as more companies utilize coronavirus disinfection services, or even simply increase their in-house sanitary policies, the spread of the flu will decrease along with the coronavirus.

How is this possible, you might ask? Well, many common disinfecting agents kill a variety of viruses and bacteria, eliminating “bugs” that cause other nasty aliments, such as influenza, hepatitis, and C-Diff. By sanitizing your home, vehicle and work place with these kind of agents, you’re killing up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria that can get you and your family sick. Be certain to target the high touchpoint areas of your home, such as doorknobs, sink faucets and knobs, light switches, phones, computers, tables and countertops. Although other areas in your home may harbor viruses and bacteria too, these places are often found to have the highest concentration of infectious organisms, therefore creating a higher risk of infection after touching said surfaces.

Although many of us have amped up our cleaning and personal hygiene habits in light of the pandemic, sometimes there’s just too much to do and too little time in the day, especially if you’re trying to keep a high traffic area of your home or business COVID-19 and influenza free. Luckily, there are experts available to help you keep your home, vehicle and work space clean and sanitary. Germ Hero – Disinfection & Sanitizing Service offers their support and knowledge to those who find the task of disinfecting their spaces regularly too daunting. Throughout the pandemic, Germ Hero has honed their skills to provide a top of the line COVID-19 disinfection service, but their expertise doesn’t end there. The services they provide will help protect you and your family from various other ailments as well, including influenza, so that you can keep living your life to the fullest, unimpeded by unwanted, unwelcomed visitors such as COVID-19 and the flu.

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