Cook the chicken safely


When it comes to chicken for meals, cooking chicken safely is very important because of harmful bacteria living inside and throughout the chicken meat. If the chicken is not well cooked properly, bacteria can lead to food poisoning for anyone eating it. It is therefore important to cook it properly. Chicken is a popular and cheap method of meeting a great main course, a starter, soup, salad, lunch or snack. It is very safe to eat it, unless it has not been cooked because it should be and you end up eating raw and rose pink meat where live the bacteria.

The article below gives tips on cooking chicken safely, chicken thaw and chicken defrost. Basic Food Security Tips for working with chicken include:

– Wash thoroughly with hot water soapy before manipulating poultry, whether raw or cooked.
– Wash your hands thoroughly, after manipulating raw or cooked poultry.
– Using different cooking equipment for cooked and raw poultry, such as cutting boards, knives, plates and bowls.
– Completely clean all your equipment and work surfaces, including knives or other utensils used, cutting boards and kitchen work plans.

When cooking the chicken safely, it must be completely defrosted throughout the cooking that started. If an attempt is made to cook the meat that did not thaw properly, it will probably not be done correctly throughout the chicken. Food poisoning is therefore always likely to occur.

With a whole frozen bird, such as turkey or chicken, allows you to thaw a lot of time. The bigger the bird, the more the defrost it will take. For a chicken fillet or chest, for example, it could easily be defrosted in the microwave.

When thawing frozen poultry, a lot of liquid comes out. The liquid spreads bacteria to all that it touches, including other foods, plates and work surfaces, as well as your hands. Good good hygiene is very important.

With each chicken and cooking method, chicken de-icing times or chicken cooking vary. Cooking times for whole birds must always be available on the label. When you check if the bird is well cooked throughout, simply cut the thickest part of the bird with a clean knife. Between Drunostick and the thigh is Uaally the thickest part.

Check the color of the juices that go out. If the bird is cooked, the juices will be clear, not red or pink. If one of the juices is not clear, nor a part of the meat is pink, the chicken has not been cooked properly and it must be done a little longer.

Cook the chicken safely is very easy. Simply make sure that chicken broach has been given enough time, all the equipment and your hands were washed accordingly and that the chicken had been cooked thoroughly.

Trey Rory
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