Cleaning the children’s room: some useful tips


The door to the children’s room is like the door to Narnia. You never know what might be behind it: pyramids of toys, a book market on the floor, or a carpet densely seeded with details. How to deal with this endless chaos? And even better – how to involve its main creator in restoring order?

We share the rules of cleaning in the children’s room, which will make life easier in the present, and most importantly, help organize the cleaning process in the future.

Features of cleaning the room for a newborn

Before the arrival of mother and baby from the hospital, it is very important to carry out a general dressing of the children’s room. It is necessary to provide the newborn with the most comfortable and safe conditions: during cleaning, the use of chemicals is not allowed, surfaces can be cleaned of dust and dirt only with steam. To properly prepare the premises for the arrival of a new small tenant, use the services of professionals from a cleaning company https://hardrockcleaning.com/chicago/.

Professional cleaning of the children’s room is carried out using special equipment and safe detergents – they do not cause allergies, so they can be used even in the room where the newborn will live. Mandatory cleaning of furniture and carpets is carried out, the room is freed from dust, stains are removed from all surfaces.

All about the nuances of cleaning the children’s room:

  • Perfect sterility is not required, as it will not be possible to maintain it in the future anyway. However, it is important to ensure complete cleanliness, fresh air and maximum comfort for the baby.
  • The room should not contain allergens that can provoke non-standard reactions. To clean surfaces, we use steam and safe preparations that remove even stubborn dirt.
  • At least once a month, you need to carry out a general cleaning of the newborn’s room. It includes washing curtains, carefully removing dust from all hard-to-reach areas and more.

Especially carefully should be carried out cleaning in the room of the newborn after the repair. Even a faint smell of paint should not remain in the room, as it will negatively affect the health of the baby. Cleaning specialists will carry out full ventilation, remove even small stains of paint from the floor and window sill, and remove any dirt left after repair work.

Professional cleaning of the preschooler’s and schoolchildren’s room

Sorting clothes. As the child grows up, a whole pile of “necessary” things accumulates in his room: jackets that “seem to be nothing” and it’s a pity to throw it away. All this hangs, stands, lies in the closet and each time strives to fall on the head of a mother or child. First of all, sort through all the things. Sell, donate or throw away clothes that are no longer needed: they have fallen into disrepair, are small for a child, or are simply tired of them. Leave only what is needed at the moment or will definitely come in handy in the near future.

After that, a lot of free space is formed in the closet. Now you can fold the rest of the clothes in a way that will be convenient for the child to use. On the upper shelves / mezzanines we place rarely used items: seasonal clothes, costumes for holidays, clothes for growing up. Socks, panties and other trifles are put in the lower drawers of the closet – so that it is easy for the child to get them.

Order in toys. The hardest thing about cleaning is cleaning up the holy of holies of any child: toys. Every year their number increases, and it seems impossible to stop this process. Regularly conduct a “garbage” raid: broken dolls, torn parts, old felt-tip pens – clean out this trash. To understand which toys are dear to the child, put them away for “quarantine” one by one. Those toys, the loss of which the child did not notice, feel free to throw out or distribute. Does the child quickly get bored with toys, and he constantly asks for new ones? Break into groups those that already exist and alternate them, removing them from access one by one.

Each book has its place. So that the children’s room does not turn into a book dump with fairy tales and coloring books scattered on the floor, set an example for the baby – arrange the books beautifully on the shelf with him. Tell a story that fairy tales like to stand on a beautiful shelf in the closet, because no one will tear or stain them there. This will help instill in your child a caring attitude and love for books. And to make it convenient for the child to use books independently, organize the shelf at a level that will allow him to easily reach his favorite book.

Involve the child in cleaning

It is rare to find a child who happily cleans up his room without being reminded. More often, mothers themselves take on the whole process, believing that the child is still too small or will do it somehow. But this is a mistake. If you don’t want to shoulder cleaning in the future, get your kids involved from an early age.

Try to interest the baby. Turn joint cleaning into an exciting game: whoever collects the most cars or throws toys into the basket, set speed records. Make a cleaning map and let the child mark the steps completed with magnets.

Start a ritual – put everything in its place an hour before bedtime. Every day you can tell a new story about toys that go to sleep in their “houses”. Come up with “Best Mom Helper” sticker awards and promise a gift for a certain number of collected stickers. So gradually the child will become accustomed to the process of cleaning, and he will begin to do it himself.

Encourage the child, show how pleasant his help is to you. And if he did something not perfect, do not rush to fix it. Or do it outside of him.

It is also worth calling the specialists of a house cleaning service hardrockcleaning.com to clean the room of a grown child or to clean an apartment. Keeping it clean is very difficult: children love to make a mess, constant exploration of the world and experiments lead to the appearance of a variety of stains, debris, crumbs, etc.

Regular cleaning by professionals will help maintain cleanliness without unnecessary labor. Use the services of a professional cleaning company at an affordable cost.

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