Monday, April 22, 2024

Building An Internet Site In Under half an hour Without Any Tech Skills


Every internet business starts with an internet site. The web site is how your prospects come, online, to have interaction with your products or services and transact business.

Websites vary from simple one page informational pages to very complex systems that automate the sales of huge different amounts of products.

Creating a website, or web-business, requires lots of complex technologies including hosting and web servers, URLs, page creators, video and audio sales messages, email autoresponders, headline generators, ecommerce, split-testing and reporting dashboards.

Assembling and manages all of the technology components requires: (a) employing an costly website owner and spending 1000 of dollars, or (b) purchasing 1000s of dollars of computer programs, or (c) through an Website-Builder-In-A-Box.

An Internet Site-Builder-In-A-Box is really a specialized online service where all of the components are combined into one, easy-to-use, system designed particularly for non-technical people to setup and run an internet business without any technical skills. The various elements happen to be combined right into a complete internet business in which you simply sign in, pick a URL, add product copy and knowledge, and set it on the internet in under half an hour.

The main benefit of these types of systems is it enables non-technical people (housewives, job-ers, seniors, etc) to construct internet business without learning any technical skills or requiring to employ an costly website owner.

Typically these folks didn’t have choice but to spend lots of cash to employ an costly website owner or get drawn in to the technology trap of attempting to lean and manage the technologies themselves. Research has proven that more than 90 % of individuals who attempt to get it done themselves never succeed.

While using new Online Business inside a Box systems, any non-technical individual who can point and click on are now able to place a complete and sophisticated website in under half an hour.

Trey Rory
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